Meet The Author

William C. Webster lives in Pennsylvania, where he runs a landscape business and writes extensively.

One Year in the life of Benjamin Thomas


Benjamin Thomas is a recently orphaned eighteen-year-old who finds his way from Florida to Vermont. Almost by accident, or so it seems, he finds employment as a hired hand on the farm of Slim and Mary Smith. Here young Benjamin discovers the joy of kinship with the land. Further, he finds the delight of family, the importance of community, and a beautiful young woman named Reeta. This book looks at life from a Jeffersonian view where fences are well-kept, libraries flourish, people share their lives, and work is a joy. It celebrates life's possibilities for those who have the courage to hope, dream, and persevere. In today's world, where people often live at a frantic pace, where local is almost always dominated by global, where people endure Monday through Friday's that they can live on the weekends, this story offers a breath of fresh air. 

*cover painting by Tim Webster

Wilson Hill


Readers enjoyed viewing the world from a Jeffersonian perspective when they read William C. Webster’s first book, One Year in the Life of Benjamin Thomas, where young Ben discovered the joy of family, love for the land, a sense of community and a beautiful girl named Reeta. Now in Webster’s second book, Wilson Hill, the story continues. All of your favorite characters return along with several new ones. In this story, Sarah Browning, the gentle nun who serves homeless men in a New York City soup kitchen, takes center stage. When Sarah encounters a bus filled with injured children and assists Doctor Carter Gray with their wounds, her life is forever changed. The story lifts high the human spirit and proves, once again, the joy of a life well lived.

*cover painting by Tim Webster

Wentworth Rock


Winter is approaching and Jonathan Gillison finds himself injured, alone, and frightened atop a desolate mountain in New Hampshire. Haunted by guilt, he attempts to survive his ordeal through reading, drawing, and endless imaginary conversations. Meanwhile, in the world beyond the mountains, the lives of the characters from Webster's two previous books unfold and eventually connect with young Gillison. While the storyline represents a significant departure from the tenor of the author's previous stories, his devotion to Jeffersonian ideals remains. And although the trials of young Jonathan Gillison often seem insurmountable, his courage celebrates the possibilities of the human spirit.



A quiet, plain child, Della Paige grew up almost unnoticed by the world around her. Swept off her feet by a local star athlete, she found herself married soon after graduating from high school. Then began a decade long nightmare of unspeakable abuse. This is Della's courageous story of survival and rebirth. 

*cover painting by Arturo Rosales 

the great middle


Born into poverty and raised by an addicted, disinterested mother, Ricky McAllister's chance for a good life appeared hopeless. But he was shy and reserved by nature and for that reason he avoided the dangers and temptations surrounding him. Then as he entered grade six, he met a teacher, Mrs. Young, who introduced him to a new world - one of nice homes and neighborhoods, close families, healthy diets, and most of all, hope. 

This is the story of Ricky's journey from a life of despair to one of promise. It is, in essence, the American dream.

*cover painting by Arturo Rosales